About me

(so you know whom
you're sailing with)

My name is Han Solo and I'm a photographer born and raised in Rovinj, Croatia. A wanderer at heart, I've lived in Zagreb and Amsterdam and spent many long stints traveling around Asia. But the sea, my true love, has always lured me back. For the past five years I've been based back in Rovinj, where I split my time between running a small gallery and sailing. I love good food and wine, cliff diving and sailing uncharted spots across the Adriatic.

What to expect

(when you sail with me):

I'll customize the sailing to your specifications and create your dream voyage. Whatever your passion, I can make things happen. Like adventure? We'll pepper our sailing trip with cliff diving, spear fishing, kayaking and paragliding. If food rocks your boat, we'll get off to sample treats at gastronomic hideaways few know about. Like wine? I can take you to some of the best cellars of coastal Croatia. Want to book a villa post- or pre-trip? I'll find the perfect one for you. I have access to top vessels plying the Adriatic, be it a small sailing boat fit for a couple or a luxury catamaran that sleeps ten. You name it, I charter it. And just so you know you're in experienced hands: I'm a Certified Yacht Master A (100 GT).

Before we sail away:

I like to know we're on the same wave length before we hit high seas so it's important that we talk and that we click. Let's make sure we are a good match before we embark on our adventure. My preference is to sail in spring and fall, the off-peak seasons when the winds are right, the weather great and the coast and sea blissfully crowd-free.

Han Solo